David's "WUP" Manual
We don’t need a groundswell we need a shockwave

Why are you people so surprised? We have seen this movie over and over again. Spending money we do not have and delaying problems to another time is how things work in Washington. 

No person or party is to blame for the situation we are in. We all are to blame. We elected these officials. We allow this madness to continue. The only way to change this pattern is rise up and make the change ourselves. 

Will you? 

Maybe, but probably not. It’s easier to continue complaining about this party or that party, this person or that one. No effort is required to do so. Yep, that’s roughly the same lack of effort we are so opposed to by our elected officials. 

Doesn’t that make us equally accountable? 

We need to stop complaining and start looking for ways we can help get this country out of this mess. 

America’s revenue and spending system is dysfunctional due to years of operating in a world of no budgets, no spending controls, and no revenue plans. Essentially, there has been no Corporate Governance. 

Wall Street would not invest in this company, and neither should you. 

When a business is broken, a third party comes in and assesses what is working and what is not. They make some radical recommendations. Some programs are eliminated or restructured, and some are funded in earnest. No program is left untouched. There are no sacred cows. There is no room for pork spending. 

Every dollar spent and every dollar earned needs to be looked at. Our elected leaders are so set in their processes and ways that they are incapable of changing from within. The American people need an audit. The American people need real Corporate Governance. 

Need proof? We are at the brink and the good people of Congress still add pork spending (a dam, disaster relief funds, pay for a widow, etc) to the bill passed yesterday. They just can’t help themselves. They know no other way.  

Our election system is broken as well. It is set up to protect tenure and the party structure. We need to revamp the system.

Here’s a couple of things that need to change immediately. 

  • Term limits. Required due to the American people not being smart enough to vote people/parties out.
  • Redistricting. Current districting guarantees roughly 80% of the districts will remain in control of the same political party. Think monopolies not democracy.
  • Electoral College. The way it is setup pretty much assures all presidential campaigning will come down to a handful of states. In other words, your vote doesn’t really matter. 
  • Voting systems. Dangling chads. Paper and pencil. Lines are too long. Blah blah blah. There are plenty of disincentives for us not to vote. We need a system that makes it easy for everyone to vote accurately and quickly. We need to utilize the technology we have.
  • Candidates. We need more competition for seats. We need a way to encourage and give a real fighting chance to candidates who are not members of the mainstream parties. If someone wants to run for office, we have to make it easier for him or her to do so. 

We will need to fundamentally change the way we behave as voters. 

As consumers, when we fall out of love with a product, we have plenty of options to be heard. We can easily ask questions, voice our concerns, and get the attention of the company that manufactures the product. Our concerns may not be resolved. but we can be heard. As a last resort, we can buy a similar product from another company. 

It is not a easy to do as a voter. It’s time we begin to put choice back into the system. It’s time to stop being apathetic and take ownership of the power we have. 

Here’s the ways you can act right now.

  • Do nothing
  • Call you elected official’s office and voice your concerns
  • Send them an e-mail 
  • Write long-winded FB status updates that are sure to cost you street cred 

You may be heard, but the over arching collective needs will not be satisfied. Politicians and corporations are very similar in nature. 

Money and votes are the only way to get their full attention. 

Here’s some easy and effective ways of getting their attention. 

  • Stop giving any incumbent yours or your company’s money
  • Stop giving the big parties yours or your company’s money
  • Stop voting the party line 
  • Stop paying attention to advertising and become an informed voter
  • Vote is every election
  • Vote for every ballot item

Virtually no effort is required to make this simple behavioral change. Everyone can do it. They won’t because it is too simple. 

Voters won’t believe a subtle change of withholding their hard earned cash and educated voting will make a difference. They may not be wrong. If only a few adopt this behavior, it won’t make a difference. 

Groundswells start with a few brave souls laying the foundation for mass adoption. 

Disruptive ideas start out as foolish and radical. As they take hold, they become mainstream and widely accepted. Eventually, they are view as the best possible idea. 

Nothing drives change like sending a message that punches someone right between the eyes. The shock is so powerful, a person is forced to wake-up and see him or herself differently. 

Radical change happens when the pain of not doing something exceeds the pain of doing it. I believe we are at that point in our history. We are fighting to keep all that is great. We are fighting for our future right now. 

America does not need a groundswell; we need a shockwave.

The voters need to send a strong message on Election Day by voting every incumbent out regardless of his or her office or their effectiveness. 

Imagine the shock on the face of every official who was not up for re-election. They will have no choice but to reassess their actions and behaviors. They will no longer be able to hide from their elected responsibilities. They will either fight for change or become a lame duck. 

Either way, the American people will know if their elected officials are the right people for the job. 

This is the wake-up call America needs. Will you vote them out on November 5th?